Bold makeup, clear ideas and art in her veins.
Young Roman designer Sara Giunti has been passionate about art and design ever since she was a child, a passion fuelled by her aesthetic sense. She graduated from IED - European Institute of Design; in Rome with a diploma in Fashion Design.

Working with a team of creative young designers and engineers, she achieved her vision of minimal, innovative and functional fashion when she launched her brand L’ED Emotion Design: a collection of handbags combining fashion and design in a contemporary, almost futuristic form.

Each handbag features an internal USB socket for recharging all compatible devices, while opening the bag’s zip automatically switches on a series of led lights within the bag’s interior.
With the need to give her L’ED project stability and to open up business opportunities, Sara created iDesign, a creative factory that functions with the rigour of a large company while maintaining its characteristic effervescent spirit.

In 2013 Sara created Siamoises, a Made-in-Italy streetwear brand that shot to success thanks to its T-shirt line.
Siamoises is a concept rather than simply a look: the project combines fashion and technology, creating a bridge between the real and the virtual.
The company’s mission is to develop projects that blend Design and High-Tech, while respecting values such as Made-in-Italy, with functionality a non-negotiable service.

Thanks to her intuition, Sara received the Ambassador of Entrepreneurial Values Award"/strong> at the Ardesis Festival's European Enterprise Day endorsed by the European Commission and the Italian Cabinet of Ministers.